3 Signs A Heater Might Need Immediate Attention

Emergency heater repair services can be crucial during the cold season. When a heating system fails to properly work, low temperatures can be dangerous. To stay warm during an emergency, we can help when you need it most.

What Is A Heating Emergency?

If a heating system is not functioning at full capacity, this can be a dangerous situation. Some people assume that if their heating system is working, even just a little bit, that they are fine during the cold season. While this may be true for warmer climates, it can be considered an emergency depending on the temperature.

Temperatures that are cold during the daytime will likely drop during the night. Freezing temperatures can cause health issues from sustaining long periods of cold. Layered blankets are not always helpful and are not a substitute for a working heating system. If a heater ceases to work during the winter, this is an emergency.

3 Signs A Heater Might Need Immediate Attention

Our emergency heater repair services can immediately check your heating system. Even if a heater is still pumping warm air into the home, there may be emergency signs that the heater must be turned off. If these signs occur, the heater will need immediate inspection and possible repair services.

1.) The smell of burning rubber. Strange smells emanating from the heater or circulating throughout the home can indicate an emergency heating situation. The smell of burning rubber can be caused by natural gas. It is important to completely shut down the heating system and circulate fresh air into the home for safety precautions.

2.) Banging noises. Unusual sounds can mean that a heating system needs to be shut down immediately. Banging, screeching, and thumping noises can indicate a variety of heating issues but may be very serious. Hearing any of these noises is a sign to shut off the system and call emergency heater repair services.

3.) Will not start. If a heater will not turn on when you flip the switch, this can be an emergency. Many times, a heating system will not start again just by waiting. Damage to a heating system can be caused by multiple reasons, but it is best diagnosed by a profession. Our technicians can help examine a heating system to best figure out what is wrong and how to get heat circulating as fast as possible.

What Can Emergency Services Do?

Heating emergencies are often scary. Many people wonder if their situation is “bad enough” to call for emergency services. When a heating system malfunctions, this can be a devastating problem that warrants immediate attention.

Our emergency heating services include:

  • A proper inspection
  • Lubricating pumps and fans
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Providing immediate heat
  • Replacement options
  • Certified technicians

Emergency Heating Solutions

When it’s cold outside and your heating system is malfunctioning, your health can be at risk. This is especially true at night when the temperature may drop even further. Emergency situations include unusual sounds or smells coming from the furnace. This can be an indication of a much more serious issue. If you think you may need emergency heating services, please call us today.

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