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How to Choose a Home Heating or Cooling System

When your home needs heating system repair in Abington, you may not realize how much technology has changed since your system was first installed. Nowadays, you have more options than ever to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The experts at Green work with most top brands of heating systems and can help you make the best choice for a more comfortable home.

Heating and cooling systems are comprised of three main components, the heating source, the distribution system, and the thermostat. Choosing the right one for your home may be as simple and understanding a bit more about each.

Heating Sources


  • Furnaces-work with natural gas, propane, electricity, or heating oil
  • Boilers-use the same fuels as furnaces as well as biodiesel blends
  • Heat pumps-run on electricity or geothermal energy
  • Active solar- may need to be combined with another heat source
  • Electric-equipment may inexpensive, but the fuel costs are higher




  • Forced air-duct system found in most homes and used with furnaces, heat pumps, and solar panels
  • Steam radiant-older system most compatible with boilers, but cannot be used to cool in the summer
  • Radiant heating-not used with forced air because there is no duct system needed, so it is good choice to reduce allergens
  • Hot water and electric baseboards-well-suited for zonal heating systems

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These regulate the distribution of heat and can be found in both traditional temperature-controlled units and more modern programmable units which allow the homeowner to set zones or times for systems to run.

With so many combinations, it can be difficult to decide which is the right for your home when you need heating system repair in Abington. You should think about the climate, the fuel sources available in your area, the size of your home, and other ways to improve energy-efficiency in your home when making your choice. Contact Green for more information about installing heating and cooling systems for lower energy bills and a cozier home.

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