Residential HVAC Repair Services

If you are looking for excellent HVAC services, you should try Green Heating & Cooling Company. We are the most reliable emergency AC repair company serving Bucks County. Our reputation has earned us Angie’s List award for providing exceptional HVAC services.

We provide both commercial and residential HVAC services. Our specialty is in AC repair services, ventilation system repair services, water heater repair, and electrical installation and repair services. We guarantee our customers satisfactory services.

Residential HVAC Repair Services

An air conditioner can only function if it is in good condition. When the air is not circulating well, you might consider Green Heating & Cooling as your emergency AC repair company serving Bucks County. We have a team of qualified technicians who diagnose and repair the air conditioning unit.

We are customer-driven, and we strive to be excellent at our services and practice integrity, as we do not want to compromise our reputation. You do not have to wait for a particular day to request our services; we are available any day and time of the week.

We also provide excellent maintenance services for the HVAC system at affordable rates. If the HVAC is old, we help you acquire and install a new unit. We have financing provisions for our clients. We have a mission that influences how we serve our clients. We believe in:

  • Treating each customer uniquely
  • Exceed a client’s expectations
  • Account for our services and products
  • Respect the client’s property or homes- honesty is a virtue that drives us

When should you contact us?

It’s easy to notice when your HVAC is malfunctioning. The following issues should influence you to request for our services:

  • Abnormal services such as banging, hissing, or groaning
  • Inefficient performance
  • Accumulation of dust
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Leakages

Why should you hire us for your services?

Apart from being the best emergency AC repair company serving Bucks County, we have other you can rely on our services for the following reasons:

  • We provide excellent customer services
  • Our services include heater installation and repairs, electrical services, and furnace repairs.
  • We train our technicians and ensure they are competent
  • We provide financing services
  • We have affordable services
  • We prioritize serving our clients – we treat our customers like family and take their concerns seriously.
  • We are insured and licensed- we adhere to professionalism
  • We have a renowned reputation with multiple awards- we have recognition from Better Business Bureau, and Angie’s List award for two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013

At Green Heating & Cooling Company, we assure you of reliable quality services. If you are looking for an emergency AC repair company serving Bucks County, you can always reach out to us regardless of the day and time. For comprehensive information, quotation, and services, it would help if you call us today.



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