Licensed Electricians Montgomery County: Top 5 Rules for Electrical Safety

Licensed Electricians Montgomery County

As the summer winds down and we gear up for the holiday season many people will start to decorate their home with different ornaments, lights, and other embellishments. Decorative lights, as pretty as they might look, can cause electrical fires if not properly handled. Remember these tips when using decorative lighting this holiday season:

1. DON’T connect every plug into one extension cord as it can start a fire or damage your homes electrical system.

2. DON’T leave electrical cords out where pets can potentially chew on them or people can trip on them.

3. DON’T pull an electrical cord out of the wall unless it’s from the base of the plug.

4. DO put safety covers on all unused electrical outlets.

5. DON’T keep anything electrical near water. All it takes is one mishap for someone to get electrocuted.

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