What Do AC Ratings Mean?

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Your air conditioner is an essential part of your home, and you want to make sure that it is always running properly. One way to do this is to check the AC rating. The AC rating is a measure of how much cooling capacity your air conditioner has. It is important to know this number so that you can choose the right size air conditioner for your home. Read on to find out what you need to know about AC ratings and how our team at Green HVAC can help you find a new unit.

Types of AC Ratings

There are a few different types of AC ratings. The most common is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This is the ratio of the cooling output of your air conditioner to the energy it uses. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient your air conditioner is. Another type of AC rating is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). This is the ratio of the cooling output of your air conditioner to the energy it uses when it is operating at full capacity. The higher the EER rating, the more efficient your air conditioner is.

How to Find AC Ratings

AC ratings are usually listed on the manufacturer’s website or in the owner’s manual. If you cannot find them, you can contact the manufacturer directly and ask for the rating, or we can help you find it.

What do AC ratings mean?

The AC rating is a measure of how much cooling capacity your air conditioner has. It is important to know this number so that you can choose the right size air conditioner for your home. The higher the AC rating, the more cooling capacity your air conditioner has.

When you are shopping for an air conditioner, make sure to compare the AC ratings of different models. This will help you find the most efficient model for your home. Be sure to ask about AC ratings when you talk to a professional about installing a new air conditioner in your home.

Which AC unit is right for my home?

The size of the air conditioner is important, but so is the efficiency. A unit that is too large will cool your home too quickly and shut off before it has a chance to remove all the humidity. This can leave your home feeling damp and uncomfortable. A unit that is too small will run constantly and still not keep your home cool enough. Our team at Green HVAC can help you find the perfect air conditioner for your home. We will take into account the size of your home, the climate, and your budget to find the best unit for you.

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If you have any questions about AC ratings or need help finding the right air conditioner for your home, contact us today. Our team at Green HVAC is always happy to help you find the best possible solution for your home comfort needs. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started.

How to Save Money on Your AC Bills This Summer

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As the temperatures start to rise, so does the cost of cooling your home. This can lead to high energy bills, making it harder to manage your budget. Luckily, there are a few ways to help offset the cost of keeping your home cool and comfortable this summer. Here are a few tips on how to save money on your AC bills this summer.

Use a Ceiling Fan

One of the simplest ways to reduce your AC costs is by using a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans use much less energy than air conditioners, so they can help save you money on your energy bills. In addition, ceiling fans can help circulate the cool air from your AC, making your home feel cooler without having to lower the temperature.

Check for Air Leaks

Another easy way to reduce your AC costs is by checking for air leaks in your home. These can be found around doors and windows, and they can let hot air into your home, making it harder for your air conditioning system to keep the temperature cool. By sealing these air leaks, you can help keep the cool air in and the hot air out, saving you money on your energy bills. Many air leaks can easily be sealed with store-bought caulk or weather-stripping.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t already have one, investing in a programmable thermostat can be a great way to save money on your air conditioning bills. A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature for specific times of the day, so you’re not cooling your home when no one is there.

Replace Your AC Filter

Another simple way to reduce your air conditioning costs is by replacing your AC filter. A dirty filter can make your AC system work harder, using more energy and costing you more money. By replacing your filter regularly, you can help keep your AC system running efficiently and lower the cost of cooling your home.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

Finally, one of the best ways to reduce your AC costs is by having your AC system tuned-up by a professional. An AC tune-up can help identify any potential problems with your system and fix them before they lead to larger issues. In addition, an AC tune-up can help improve the efficiency of your system, saving you money on your energy bills. Our team at Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric provides AC service in Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas to help keep your system running smoothly all summer long.

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If you’re looking for ways to reduce your air conditioning costs this summer, our team at Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric can help. We offer a variety of air conditioning services, including air conditioner installations, replacements, and tune-ups. We also offer financing options to make it easy to get the AC services you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to request an estimate for your next AC service.

Imbalanced Airflow: Why Buildings Have Hot & Cold Spots

We’ve all been in buildings where the temperature and air quality suddenly shift from one room to another, or one floor to another. You might be walking through a normal hallway, only to enter a bedroom and get hit with a wall of stuffy, warm air. Or you may notice that as you walk through an apartment complex or office building in the winter, entering a certain area gives you a sudden chill that makes you want to run back the other way.

Especially when outdoor temperatures get extreme, indoor airflow is a critical comfort factor. Whether you’re at work or at home, constantly trying to moderate the temperature yourself becomes tiring and distracting – not to mention, it’s usually ineffective. 

Let’s take residential structures as an example. When your home was built, airflow should have been taken into consideration by an HVAC designer. Designers will calculate the exact cooling and heating load of each room, choosing HVAC equipment based on your unique home’s dimensions and requirements. Once this is done, your heating and air conditioning units can be installed confidently. 

The problem is, not all homebuilders and HVAC designers are highly experienced, which means there’s plenty of room for error when doing these calculations. Homebuilding is a complex process with many factors playing into the final result. Even if the workers that designed and built your home did a good job, a home could still end up with imbalanced airflow. For example, old windows may be causing major air leaks because they are not adequately insulated. 

Some common signs of imbalanced airflow include:

  • Feeling a significant temperature difference from room to room
  • Feeling like certain rooms of your home have minimal protection from outside weather
  • Having high utility bills even when you don’t overuse your system
  • Always needing to open windows or use fans to improve airflow
  • Noticing that your HVAC system is running more often than you’d like

If this is an issue in your home or workplace, it is unlikely to go away on its own. You can first try to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Make sure all registers are open, or experiment (eg. partially close first floor registers to direct more airflow to the second floor)
  • If you have different thermostats on different floors, try setting them a few degrees apart to correct an airflow imbalance
  • Go through the building and find small spots and cracks that you can fill with caulk
  • Clean your air ducts (an obvious solution, but one that is often overlooked!)

In many cases, buildings with severe airflow imbalance require professional assistance. An HVAC company can come in and assess the layout of the building, the placement of air ducts and registers, and the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit to see where upgrades can be made.

If you need help troubleshooting your electric, heating, & air conditioning issues, our HVAC professionals are on call and ready to come to the rescue – Get in touch with Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric if you need help!

Best Cooling Options for Basements

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It’s natural for homeowners to want to use every space in their homes. A finished basement can increase the value of your home and offer you more space that you can turn into a kids’ play area, gym, movie room or additional living room without changing the settings of the rest of your home. However, you’ll want to make it as cool and comfortable as the rest of your home. When it comes to cooling, basements come with numerous challenges. There are some factors you need to consider when choosing the best system for cooling your basement, including windows, space, ventilation, insulation, and ductwork. Thankfully, there are numerous cooling options from Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric, the top-rated provider of air conditioner repair in Philadelphia, that can help you turn your basement into an area where everyone wants to stretch out.

Add a New HVAC Zone

Your basement will probably have different cooling requirements from the rest of your home. Naturally, basements tend to be cooler than other spaces in your home, meaning it doesn’t need much cooling to maintain the desired temperature. Thus, if you try to extend your HVAC system, you’ll have a frigid basement even on the muggiest summer days. To achieve this, you need to extend your current HVAC system by installing registers and ductwork in your basement. However, you’ll need to call for professional air conditioner repair in Philadelphia to help you determine if your existing system can handle the new load. If installed correctly, you can control a zoned HVAC system from one central location without wandering around your home to control temperatures. Besides improving your comfort, a zoned system helps you avoid overloading your current HVAC system by enlarging the space it’s required to cool.

Install a Ductless System

Unless your basement has a drop ceiling, adding a new HVAC zone can be difficult. Thus, a ductless mini-split system can be the ideal choice. As the name implies, a ductless unit doesn’t need ducts to deliver conditioned air to your basement. The only modifications required are a hole drilled through the wall to form space for the refrigerant line and a power supply. With a ductless air conditioning system, you can cool your basement only when it’s in use.

Buy a Fan

Although it may sound old-fashioned, a fan is another great way to keep your basement cool. When you factor in that a basement is naturally cooler than other places in your home, it makes sense to cool the basement using simple air circulation instead of investing in an air conditioner. Besides cooling your basement, a fan helps circulate and clean the air in the basement, preventing mold and mildew growth.

Invest in a Portable Air Conditioner

While a portable air conditioner might not be as efficient as other options listed above, we occasionally recommend it for basements if you have an intractably uncomfortable room. A portable AC system offers single-room cooling by drawing in warm air and blowing it outside through a vent. Although these systems are relatively small and easy to set up, they only cool a small space. Thus, if you have a larger basement, you may need to buy several units to cool the space effectively.

Install a Dehumidifier

Your basement can become uncomfortable even when the temperatures are tolerable due to high humidity levels. Although air conditioners naturally control humidity levels in the spaces they cool, it might be wise to run a separate dehumidifier to eliminate any excess moisture from the air. This can make your basement feel cooler and help your AC system work more efficiently.

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If you need help deciding how to keep your basement cool, contact Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric today. We’ll evaluate your needs, give estimates, and install the systems you need to keep your basement and the rest of your home comfortable all year. Call us today to schedule your air conditioner repair in Philadelphia or other services

How Do Pets Affect My HVAC System?

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Having pets around makes home cleaning and tidying more tedious for homeowners. Pets shed hair, fur, and dandruff on the carpeting and furniture. Sometimes, pet fur finds its way onto HVAC systems, affecting their cooling efficiency. To combat this problem, Green Heating & Cooling offers professional HVAC repair in Pennsylvania. Discover the way your pet’s presence affects your HVAC’s operating efficiency and how to keep your system in tip-top shape.

How Pets Affect HVAC Systems

Fur and Hair Shedding

Fur shedding is normal in most animals, including household pets such as cats, dogs, and hamsters. As a result, pet owners clean their carpets and furniture more frequently than non-pet owners. While having fur stuck on your clothing, furniture or carpeting can be irritating, HVAC systems may suck in the fur and other pet residues. The fur clogs the filters and fan setup leading to HVAC damage.

Dirt and Dust Residue

Pets love to play and spend a considerable part of their time outdoors. However, as they run over lawns, pavements, and backyards, they pick up dirt, dust, and other outdoor residues on their fur and feet. They bring all this debris into our homes once they make their way indoors. These outdoor residues clog the HVAC’s filter mechanisms compromising its operational efficiency.

Pet Dander

Besides fur, pets also shed dander, mostly comprising tiny particles of dead skin and hair. Like fur, HVACs may pick up dander particles from the air circulation. These particles block HVAC filters leading to mechanical damage.

Furthermore, the plastic and metal components in the filter and ductwork systems attract pet dander and fur. As a result, these HVAC systems blow out these residues into our home’s circulation leading to respiratory problems.

Pet Damage to HVAC Systems

Most pets are naturally playful and will chew on anything they can find, from toys to electronic cables. Pets can damage HVAC electrical components, such as wires. Sometimes, their playfulness and curiosity may induce them to chew on HVAC cabling and other components.

How to Maintain Your HVAC with Pets

1. Deep clean and vacuum carpets

Pet owners should clean their houses more regularly to eliminate fur residues on carpets and furniture. Pet owners should wash clothing and furniture covers frequently to remove hair shed and dander residues.

2. Replace HVAC filters regularly

Sometimes, no matter how much you clean, pet fur can still get into HVAC components and damage them. The filters are the most susceptible to fur damage from clogging. HVAC damage is best left to qualified professionals. We recommend swapping your HVAC filters at least monthly for optimum performance. Our filters are washable and reusable, making them a pet-friendly option for homeowners. We specialize in HVAC repair in Pennsylvania for both residential and commercial properties.

3. Regular pet grooming

Regular pet grooming goes a long way in safeguarding your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Grooming reduces the possibility of having loose fur stuck on carpets and fabric furniture. It also minimizes HVAC filter and fan damage from fur residues.

Contact Green Heating & Cooling

Green Heating & Cooling understands the risk of HVAC damage that pet owners face. Our comprehensive HVAC repair in Pennsylvania aims to improve your home’s air conditioning to ensure your home is conducive to your family and pets. Call us today to book an appointment and learn more about our services.

What To Do If Your Furnace Goes Out This Fall

If you are experiencing any problems with your furnace, you will want to get this addressed as soon as possible. If you let the problem go on for too long, the furnace may quit functioning altogether. At Green Heating & Cooling, we are here to help you get all of the repairs done quickly and efficiently so that you have heat your home. Knowing that you have an emergency heater repair company serving Doylestown ready and willing to help you should let you know that you are in good hands if your HVAC system ever breaks down.

HVAC Repairs

If you need an emergency heater repair company serving Doylestown, we will be able to come out to address any issue you are having. When you give us a call, please let us know what the issue is with your heater. We will be able to make an appointment to come out to assess your furnace. We will go over all components, including the thermostat, the ductwork, and the furnace itself, to ensure that we find out the problem. Once we found out the problem, we can begin the repair. Many repairs can be done on the same day. We will offer you upfront pricing so that you know exactly how much the repair will be.

Furnace Replacement

In some cases, your furnace may need to be replaced. Things that would cause your furnace to be replaced would be a repair bill that is more than the cost of a new furnace or an old furnace. Furnaces that are over ten years old are recommended to be replaced. Older furnaces are not efficient and are subject to many different breakdowns. We will look at your furnace to determine whether you would be better off repairing or replacing it. If your furnace needs to be replaced, we will be able to give you the price for the full installation and the furnace cost.

HVAC Maintenance

To help avoid costly repairs, consider hiring us for your yearly HVAC maintenance. We will come out to inspect your furnace with our maintenance package before it is turned on for the winter. We will look for any issues and recommend repair or replacement if needed. At Green Heating and Cooling, our maintenance package will help you to avoid any break downs of your HVAC system and costly repairs.

If you are looking for an emergency heater repair company serving Doylestown, please call us at Green Heating and Cooling today. Our staff of fully trained HVAC technicians will help you get your furnace up and running again.

4 Ways To Know If Your HVAC System Needs Repair

Heat is an essential utility for any residential building. Without a working heater, the indoor environment can become dangerously cold. Our emergency heater repair company serving Montgomery County can help fix your HVAC system when you need it most.

Why Is An HVAC System Important?

An HVAC system stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. While many people assume HVAC systems only provide cool air, they actually provide both heating and cooling throughout the year.

Because heating and cooling are combined in one system, an HVAC system must be routinely cared for. Maintenance and repair are essential to the quality of air temperature both in the winter and the summer. HVAC systems are used in both commercial and residential buildings to help exchange air, remove moisture as well as heat and cool rooms.

4 Ways To Know If Your HVAC System Needs Repair

When an HVAC system needs repairs, it may not always be obvious. Many faulty HVAC systems still run. While cool or warm air may still circulate, a faulty HVAC system takes much more energy to use. This can be quite expensive over time.

1.) Do you have poor airflow? If you have noticed a lack of airflow in the home, your HVAC system could be to blame. Airflow issues usually stem from ductwork issues. If there is a blockage in the ductwork, a clogged air filter may be to blame.

2.) Indoor humidity. While humid weather may be a natural occurrence in some environments, it should not happen indoors. Waking up with sticky sweat can mean the air conditioning part of an HVAC is not working correctly. An efficient cooling system should not leave humidity indoors.

3.) Unusual smells or noises. If you notice a foul odor in the home, your HVAC system may need to be repaired. Smells can be from microbial growth in the system or ductwork. Unusual noises can also be a sign that something is not right. HVAC units that need repair may make a low level noise as they begin or shut down.

4.) Expensive bills. If an HVAC system needs more energy to produce the same amount of quality air as it once did, energy bills will likely increase. While some people worry that repairing an HVAC system can be expensive, neglecting repairs can actually cost more over an extended period of time. If an HVAC system fails, you will need an emergency heater repair company serving Montgomery County.

Residential Repair Services

Heating and air conditioning are especially important in the home. Residential HVAC systems work especially hard because they can be used while sleeping. When an HVAC system needs to be repaired, a professional with training and experience is recommended. This is because an HVAC technician can get the job done quickly and efficiently so that dangerous temperatures don’t occur in your home. We provide quality service with our emergency heater repair company serving Montgomery County.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

Summer is right around the corner, so you know what that means. It’s time to prepare your AC unit for the upcoming summer months. However, as you switch on your cooling system in to test it, you find that it’s not working the way it should.

There are many reasons as to why this could happen. Dirty air filters, clogged ductwork and even internal malfunction can be to blame. Thankfully, you can have you can get your unit up and running again by a Horsham AC repair company.

Continue reading to learn a few signs that you need to replace your AC unit.

Limited Air Flow

One of the most obvious signs that your AC unit is not working properly is a lack of blowing air. When the inside of the unit itself or ductwork is clogged, it prevents proper airflow. This type of issue can be easily corrected by a Horsham AC repair company.

Moisture Buildup

Don’t be alarmed if you see a little bit of moisture. All AC units produce it to a certain degree, but ones that are able to work properly can handle it without a problem. If you start to notice that there’s an abundance of moisture forming or leaking, there could be a refrigerant leak.

Not only does this cause your AC unit to malfunction, but it’s also a health risk to you and your family. It’s also worth mentioning that moisture is also the prime breeding grounds for mold.

Odd Sounds

Is your AC unit making a lot more noise than usual? Your air conditioner should never squeal, make clanking noises or sound like something is grinding inside. If your AC unit is noisier than usual, it may be time to get it replaced by a Horsham ac repair company.

High Utility Bills

Who doesn’t want to keep their energy bills low? Especially in the summer, it’s important that your AC is functioning properly. If your bills are higher than usual, your AC unit could be to blame. HVAC systems that are dirty or not maintained properly often run longer, use more energy and may even stop functioning.

Having difficulties with your AC unit and need it replaced? Say no more! At Green Heating and Cooling, we have got you covered! Contact us by calling our number at 215.333.9700 today! Going through summer without an AC unit is something no one wants to deal with.

6 Ways a Professional Heater Repair Can Save You Money

6 Ways a Professional Heater Repair Can Save You Money

It’s that time of year when heating system maintenance and repairs should be at the top of your to-do list. No one wants to wake up shivering in the morning, discovering that they need to make that emergency call. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your heating system checked, it’s high time you called Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric, HVAC repair serving Greater Philadelphia. Don’t put it off because you’re concerned about expenses because we’ve found several ways we can actually save you money.

1. You avoid DIY disasters.

The number one thing homeowners who don’t want to spend on maintenance and repairs resort to is the DIY approach. However, this is even more dangerous than avoiding maintenance and repair altogether. Avoid paying to have your mistakes fixed by getting it done right the first time.


2. You can make systems run much more efficiently.

The fact is, efficient systems lead to lower energy bills. And no one is more qualified to optimize your heating system than the HVAC professionals at Green. There are many small factors involved with an HVAC system that can add up to big monthly savings for you. That means our service can pay for itself this winter!


3. You can extend the life of your system.

The greatest expense of all would be replacing your entire HVAC system. This is hardly something we want to be forced to do in an emergency. To get around this, call Green, experts in HVAC repair serving Greater Philadelphia. We perform regular maintenance checks that can extend the life of your system for years, saving you thousands on an emergency replacement.


4. You can get perks from HVAC repair serving Greater Philadelphia.

When you find an HVAC company you can trust, you can get valuable discounts and loyalty rewards for sticking with them. For example, at Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric, we offer an automatic 10% discount for scheduling your next appointment online. We even offer financing to qualified customers.


5. You might not need to clean your system as often.

Is cleaning your HVAC system part of your regular cleaning routine. For many homeowners, it isn’t, and this can end up costing you. However, we rarely recommend tacking this task yourself if you aren’t experienced in doing so. Schedule a cleaning and tune-up with Green, and your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep you warm or cool. This saves you time, as well as money resulting from the repair of a dirty, overtaxed system.


6. You choose the right company for your HVAC needs.

It’s a sad truth that not every company prioritizes competitive pricing. But at Green, we do everything we can to make our services accessible to the average person. With hundreds of five-star reviews, it’s plain to see that we don’t just deliver results; we make sure all aspects of our service are worth every penny.

Don’t let your own home leave you in the cold. Contact today for great savings and even better service with Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric.

4 Signs Your HVAC Needs Maintenance

4 Signs Your HVAC Needs Maintenance

A strange sound or stale-smelling air could be a message from your HVAC equipment that it needs maintenance. Also, the inefficiency could be running your utility bills up. These signs indicate that your HVAC system requires maintenance.

What’s That Strange Sound?

Does your HVAC sound like it usually does? Does it make a grinding or squealing sound? A normal HVAC system will make a dull humming during operation. Strange sounds such as banging or a rapid clicking coming from your HVAC system are noises you don’t and probably can’t ignore. Consulting an HVAC expert to determine the problem before a more serious issue arises.

Eww! That Smell!

Does the air in your home smell of freshness? It should. If it smells stale or dusty and you’re constantly adjusting your thermostat with not much change in your home’s indoor air quality? The stale air may be an indicator that your HVAC system is not operating optimally.

The Wrong Air Temperature from HVAC

If your AC is blowing warm air and your heating system cooler air you may have an issue with your systems thermostat or components of the system. Placing a call to one of our HVAC technicians can help you discover the source of the issue and offer options and prices for repairs.

Increasing in Home Utility Bills

Is your utility bill continuing to go up and up? You think, “has it really been that hot?” If your bill isn’t matching with the weather patterns outside it may be a sign that your HVAC system is not operating efficiently.


If an HVAC system is not properly maintained it can require significantly more energy which leads to higher utility bills.


An expert HVAC service like Green HVAC will help you solve your home’s air quality issues.

4 Signs Your HVAC Needs Maintenance

For more information on air conditioner repair, read no further and talk to our professional and courteous staff will help you right away! No job is too big or too small for our air conditioner service technicians. Why choose GREEN? We are fully insured for your peace of mind. We ALWAYS provide upfront pricing to keep our customers happy and make sure the job is done right the first time. And as always offer 24/7 emergency air conditioner repair in Abington, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Philadelphia, and surrounding. Honest. Reliable. Affordable. Choose GREEN for all your air conditioning needs. Call us now 1.800.975.0969