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Electrician Philadelphia | How to Properly Maintain Your Fuse Box

Did you know here at Green HVAC that we do more than just fix your heating or cooling system? We have NATE certified Philadelphia electricians to handle all of your homes needs including most electrical repairs. Have you checked your fuse box lately? Most people don’t think about it, but you should periodically pay attention to your fuse box. Most modern homes have a circuit breaker panel that safely handles circuits and trips when a circuit has been overloaded. In older homes that still have fuse boxes when a circuit is overloaded you “blow” the fuse and it needs to be replaced.

A fuse box that is older or hasn’t been maintained can create a safety hazard. The fuse box’s responsibility is to interrupt the electricity flow if there is an overload. You should only have a certified electrician inspect your electrical system to prevent a possible house fire.

Electrician Philadelphia | Fuse Box Hazards and Safety Tips

If you need to replace a fuse in your fuse box, follow these safety tips and prevent possible hazards.

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  1. If you need to replace a fuse in your fuse box, follow these safety tips and prevent possible hazards.
  2. Before you replace a fuse, shut off all appliances that are on the circuit and make sure to open the main fuse so you won’t get shocked.
  3. Make sure to choose the right fuse. Circuits for outlets only require 20 amps or less. Higher energy consuming appliances will require fuses with higher amps.
  4. There are different fuses for designed for different uses. Most fuses have a letter on them telling you what it should be used for. Example: “D” fuse is for appliances with an electric motor. “P” fuse is for appliances with no motor.
  5. It may go without saying, but since most fuse boxes are located in the basement or the garage you want to make sure you are not standing in any water. You could get shocked!
  6. Trying to do any repairs on a fuse box can be tricky so it is best to leave it up to a professional. Don’t know whom to call? Call GREEN for all of your home’s needs with our Philadelphia electricians.

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