Electrician Willow Grove: Hiring An Unlicensed Electrician, Know The Risks

Whenever there is a problem in the home, with the car, or with legal issues most of us hire a licensed professional. Why? Because we know that this person went through years of learning, practicing, and passed certain tests or certifications to practice their trade. We put trust in these people to perform a service because they are licensed. But some of us try to save a few bucks by hiring a friend or a friend of a friend that knows a little bit about the subject, but is far from an expert thus risking time and money if something goes wrong. Do you know the risks of hiring an unlicensed electrician in Willow Grove?


Did you know companies that hire unlicensed electricians can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars? Did you know that if an unlicensed electrician in Willow Grove causes any damage to your home as a result of their work that you can’t collect from them because they aren’t insured? Did you know that U.S. property owners lose hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars a year because of damage done by unlicensed electricians? It is extremely clear that the reward does not outweigh the risk. At Green Heating, Cooling, & Electric all of our electricians are licensed for your protection. We perform services daily like broken outlets, indoor/outdoor lighting, and even you pool/hot tub wiring. It is important to know we won’t take on jobs that we can’t handle ourselves and we will always be honest about our work.

Electrician Willow Grove

Did You Know Over 500 Deaths Occur Due To Poor Wiring? Hire An Electrician in Willow Grove

At Green Heating, Cooling & Electric our Willow Grove electricians will analyze and diagnose any malfunction your electrical services may have. Whether it’s an old system or new high efficiency system our technicians have been trained to keep your system properly maintained. By keeping your electrical system in top working order with annual maintenance, you can cut your monthly energy cost. We offer 24/7 emergency service so you know you are covered when you need it most. And we always keep our trucks fully stocked so we can fix your problem the first time. Remember when you want honest, affordable, reliable service… Think GREEN!


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