Heater Repair in Bucks County

What Do You Know About Radiant Heating?

As the summer comes to a close it may be time to think about your heating system in preparation for the Winter months. Have you considered radiant heat?  Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor, walls, and even ceilings of your home.

Green HVAC Makes Heater Repair in Bucks County Easy

Radiant heating systems have a number of advantages. Traditional heating systems like forced-air or baseboard heating are not as efficient as radiant heating systems due to the fact that there is no duct loss. Radiant heating systems can also be great for people with allergies because the allergens aren’t blown around the house like a forced-air system would.

What Are The Different Types of Radiant Heating?

When it comes to radiant floor heat there are 3 types:

  • Air-heated radiant floors
  • Electric radiant floors
  • Hydronic radiant floors

radiant heater repair in Bucks County

Air-heated radiant flooring is seldom used due to that air cannot hold large amounts of heat. Usually they are combined with some solar air heating systems, but obviously only perform at its best during daylight.

Electric radiant floors have cables built into the flooring which makes it great during the winter months when you want to walk around with no socks on. However, because the high cost of electricity it would only make sense to use this type of radiant heat with thick flooring that can retain the heat such as concrete.

Liquid systems or hydronic systems pump water through tubes under the floor from a boiler. They are the most popular and by far the most cost-effective of the three radiant heating systems.

We have experience in all types of repairs including radiant heater repair in Bucks county.

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