Testing Your Home for Air Leaks

When you want to warm up the inside of your house, you want that air staying put. You do not want it escaping through various leaks and cracks. Home air leaks are a common reason for why houses are not as energy efficient as they could be. While you should hire a professional in HVAC in Philadelphia to perform any repairs, there are ways you can test your home’s sealing qualities to see if work needs to be done.

The Incense Test

With a lighted incense stick, you can determine on your own where cracks and leaks are located. Once you light the stick, smoke will be emitted from the tip. Take that stick to various locations around your house, especially door frames and windows. The smoke should simply rise upward, but if it starts to blow sideways, then you have a draft letting air go outside. Write down the areas that are letting air pass through, so you can tell a professional about those spots.

Professional Inspection

To know for a fact where the problem areas are, you may want to hire a professional to perform a routine inspection. A skilled contractor will look for more than just drafts. Experts will also examine the insulation you have in your home. The attic, in particular, is a space that often gets neglected, but if it does not have sufficient insulation, then a lot of air can escape through there. After the examination, the professional will then tell you the best course of action, which could be adding insulation, weather stripping window and doors or closing gaps present in the chimney.

Home air leaks could end up costing you severely if you do not get them fixed promptly. Speak with someone proficient with HVAC in Philadelphia to review your options. Soon you will feel a lot more comfortable inside your home.

Testing Your Home for Air Leaks

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