How Often Does My HVAC System Need to Be Serviced?

HVAC Repair in Bucks County

A HVAC system is crucial for any home or office. For this reason, proper care and maintenance should get done to ensure that the system operates at an optimal level. Our company provides professional HVAC maintenance, installation, and repair services. With years of experience in HVAC repair in Bucks County, we guarantee quality service at affordable prices.

When Should You Service Your HVAC?

A common question in many people’s minds is how often a HVAC system needs to get serviced? The answer is, it depends.

Several factors come into play when determining how often an HVAC system should get serviced. These factors include:

1. Seasonal Climate Variations

Seasonal changes play a huge role in determining when your HVAC system should get serviced. For example, if it is more than 20 degrees above or below the average temperature, your system will often require maintenance services.

2. Measures Taken During Service

These measures include cleaning and replacing parts and services needed for the unit to operate at optimal efficiency. If the unit is adequately serviced and maintained, it will last longer, and you will have a cheaper bill in the long run.

3. Age of the System

The age of the system plays a huge role in determining how often the system should get serviced. Systems that are ten years old or older can be more susceptible to premature failure, so these systems need to have regular maintenance.

4. Make of the System

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, some equipment will require a specific number of annual checkups. However, in most cases, a HVAC system will require annual maintenance.

5. System Usage

Systems that get used often will require more maintenance than systems that get used less frequently.

How Can I Tell if My HVAC Needs Maintenance?

Like most mechanical systems, the HVAC system will wear down over time and require maintenance. As it wears down, there are some signs you can check for to determine when your system needs maintenance.

The following are signs indicating that your HVAC system may require maintenance:

1. Blocked Filters

If you experience loud noises from your air conditioning unit, it could be a sign of a blocked filter inside the system.

If this continues for several days without maintenance, a permanent repair may be in order.

2. Low Cooling

The air conditioner compressor should be working 24-7. If the air conditioner provides adequate cooling 24-7 and your return air temperature is 70ºF or below, then maintenance may get required.

3. Production of a Foul Smell from the HVAC System

If there is a foul odor coming from your system, it could signify that there is something wrong with the system. The smell could get caused by rotting debris or a clog in the system.

Most of the HVAC repair in Bucks County gets attributed to this problem.

4. High Electric Bills

If you are paying more than you should for your electric bill, it may signify that your HVAC system is not working properly. If this happens more than once during the year, it is a sign of an issue.

We recommend contacting a professional air conditioning and heating system specialist to inspect and repair the system.

5. Low Air Flow

Low airflow in your HVAC system is another indication of a problem with the system or the air handler inside the unit. Low airflow can be caused by several issues, with the most common being the compressor clutch. A worn-out compressor clutch will cause your system to run slower.

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