How to Use a Back-Up Generator

Heater Repair in Pennsylvania

The back-up generator is a device that provides electric power for your residence. It is essential to install this device before natural disasters, or life-threatening situations occur so that you and your family will be safe from electrical dangers. The back-up generator is mainly used when the primary power source fails or there is a power blackout, leaving you without electricity and causing you to require heater repair in Pennsylvania. 

Common Heater Problems

Heater repair in Pennsylvania can be an essential step to maintaining the working condition of your heater. A well-functioning heater is necessary during cold seasons; therefore, it is crucial to have functional heaters in your home or office. The most common problems associated with heaters are electrical and mechanical.

The typical electric problems include tripping circuit breakers, blowing fuses, and humming noises, while the common mechanical problem consists of a blocked flue and running but not heating. If the electrical and mechanical issues persist, you may need immediate heaters repair in Pennsylvania.

How to Use a Back-Up Generator

As the population continues to grow, so does the electricity demand. The increasing demand has significantly strained our power supply system. If a blackout occurs and your primary power source is not functioning, you will need a viable solution. Even if you have an uninterruptible power supply, you may want to consider installing a backup generator. Generators are generally portable, making them easy to move from place to place. The following are steps on how to use a backup generator:

  • Before using the back-up generator, check the oil, gas, and battery. These will indicate if the generator is in working condition.
  • Prepare for a power outage by having everything you need for the generator ready to use. You will need extension cords, gas cans, a battery tester, and gloves. Make sure to keep everything in an organized area to be easily accessible when needed.
  • Turn the generator switch to OFF when starting. The button should be in the center position.
  • The process of using a backup generator is easy. Load up the items that you need for your power outage and begin connecting them to the electrical system in your house or office.
  • The next step is to turn on the primary power source to supply electricity to your house or office’s electrical system, providing back-up power while using the generator.
  • When you are done using the generator, return the power source to its normal back-up status, which means the generator should be shut off.
  • Turn off the primary power source to your house or office’s electrical system at the circuit breakers.
  • The last step is to check for any leaks. If there are no leaks, you have completed using a back-up generator for your home or office’s electrical system.

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