Save Money & Stay Warm This Winter: Money-Saving HVAC Tips

Winter is here, bringing with it cold, frigid temperatures, strong winds, and snow. Keeping the home warm when it’s cold outside is a challenge that people face every winter season. Many people find their winter heating costs increase dramatically as a result. If you want to stay warm this winter without tallying up overwhelmingly expensive energy costs, our heater repair company aims to help by offering the great tips below that help make that possible.

Let the Sun Heat the Home

Open the blinds and curtains when it’s sunny outside. The sunshine will heat up the home, reducing dependency on heating sources. The sunshine also gives the home a warm, cozy feeling. Close the blinds and curtains before dark so you don’t lose all of that heat!

Temperature Adjustments

When you’re away from home or asleep, adjust the temperature by 5 – 10 degrees. Programmable thermostats make this task simple. Adjusting the temperature on the thermostat in the manner can reduce your energy costs by as much as 20% every year!

Get Windows Fixed

Drafty windows allow air inside the home and let heat out. Essentially, you are paying to heat the outside. Repair the windows and enjoy aesthetic improvements and energy-savings. As an added bonus, new or repaired windows also add more comfort to the home. Our heater repair company recommends an upgrade if the windows in your home are 25 years’ or older.

Go Solar

Switch to solar power and energy costs take a dramatic nosedive. You’ll have tons of extra money left over once you switch to solar. And, you also help the environment. Solar panel installation is a big investment, but worth every penny. Besides, we offer several discounts and incentives for homeowners ready to transition to solar power and heat their homes with the energy the sun offers.

Schedule a Tune-Up

A properly maintained HVAC unit works more efficiently than a unit that isn’t maintained. Change the filter in your unit per recommendation from the manufacturer, but don’t stop there. Schedule preventive maintenance and/or a tune-up! Our team of HVAC technicians inspects the unit at your home, looking for any signs of danger or damage. We’ll repair thee issues before they cause tremendous trouble in the home. This service reduces hassle and keeps you safe during the winter. It’s also less expensive than a repair or replacement service.

Need preventative maintenance or a tune-up? HVAC unit on the brinks? Call us for a free inspection or to schedule a service. Our affordable, thorough HVAC service keeps everyone warm this winter season.
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