Let it Snow: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Snowstorm in Philadelphia


In Pennsylvania, winter offers everything except a shortage of snow. Furthermore, it’s frigid. When a snowstorm hits, prepare your home so that you can wait it out in comfort and not concern.

Here are 3 ways to prepare your home and HVAC systems in Philadelphia.

  1. Keep up on Maintenance

This helps to ensure that your heating system won’t stop working in the middle of a storm. A broken heater makes for uncomfortable and even dangerous situations, especially for the young and the elderly, as the National Institute on Aging warns.

Experts recommend servicing your heater in Pennsylvania, once a year, or at least every two years. Aside from keeping you warm, this also provides you with clean air, as the filters get changed during this routine maintenance.

  1. Prep Your Pipes

A report from, Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, states that frozen pipes pose one of the biggest damage risks, and that 37% of all frozen pipe failures occur in the basement.

How do you keep your property safe from this disaster?

* Insulate pipes vulnerable to the cold, especially in the basement

* turn off the supply to outdoor hoses and spigots

* cut the water supply for any pipe that bursts and drain it

A frozen pipe will burst your warm little bubble of comfort. If it happens, call your trusted servicer for HVAC systems in Philadelphia.

  1. Take Proper Precautions with Your Portable Generator

Sometimes, despite all of your efforts, systems fail and you need a generator for backup. Generators are great as long as you use them properly.

Risks of improper use include:

* fire

* electrocution

* carbon monoxide poisoning

To avoid these risks, take the following precautions:

* run the generator in an open space outdoors

* do not plug it into home outlets or wire it into your electrical system; follow manufacturer’s directions

*change batteries and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

* keep a few days of back-up fuel and keep the generator filled over ¼ tank at all times

Follow these guidelines so the cold doesn’t follow you into your home. You can peek at the winter wonderland outside, with a cup of hot cocoa, from your cozy home.

Let it Snow: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Snowstorm in Philadelphia

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