Regular Filter Maintenance for Your HVAC System

When you first become a driver, you’ll likely have some friend or relative offer you this valuable advice: The best and cheapest way to keep your car running is to never forget to have your oil and oil filter changed on time. This simple maintenance will greatly extend the life of your vehicle.

The same is true of home HVAC systems, although you’re much less likely to hear about it from someone else. What many homeowners don’t know is that replacing filters regularly is the main way that you, as a user, can keep your system functioning well over the year, and it keeps the air in your house more pleasant as well.


The actual lifespan of your filters will vary from system to system and household to household, but, like an automotive engine, every HVAC system will come with directions as to how often the filter should be changed. If you can’t locate this information in your user documentation, then simply contact the installer and they will let you know.

However, once you know, you have to act on that knowledge. You have to remember when it’s time to change the filter, and you have to get a replacement filter that meets the specifications for your unit. This is why most people will use a scheduled delivery solution; with the correct filter on order at a Philadelphia-area HVAC specialist, you will get a brand new filter delivered every 30 (or 60, or 90) days. The delivery itself acts as the reminder that it’s time to remove the dirty filter, and provides you with the piece you need to replace it. This type of scheduled delivery can be quite affordable, and frees you from the burden of trying to schedule reminders every few months in your own appointment book. Contact a local professional for more information on how to put this practice to use in your home

Regular Filter Maintenance for Your HVAC System

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