Six Signs HVAC System Needs Repairs

Few home features are more important than an air processing system. In technical terms, this apparatus is known as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, commonly abbreviated as the HVAC system. When this network experiences difficulties, the comfort and safety of the home’s residents could be compromised. 

Therefore, paying attention to key signs of malfunction is important to early detection and remediation. We at Green HVAC, an AC repair company serving Bucks County and adjacent Pennsylvania regions, invites our loyal customers to read the following article discussing what the HVAC system does and indications said units might not be performing up to par. 

Brief HVAC System Overview

These units are comprised of devices, such as, air conditioning, the heating apparatus, a water heater, ductwork, which is a system of pipes constructed within a home’s interior designed to transmit warm or cold air and vents, which expel said air into the structure’s rooms.

Signs HVAC System Might Require Repair

Unusual Sounds

Any strange sound coming from vents, within walls or specific devices may indicate a problem. Specific sounds to look out for, include:





A smoothly running unit should always be seen but never heard. 

Diminished Performance 

Diminished warm or cold output is often a surefire sign the apparatus is experiencing some type of technical problem. Moreover, homeowners might witness a dramatic spike in energy costs. 

Unexplained Shutdowns

Should the unit stop abruptly or the home’s electrical breakers continually trip, the unit likely has some type of electrical or internal malfunction and necessitates immediate investigation. 

Excessive Interior Dust Accumulation

Homeowners do not often attribute an increased concentration of dust on surfaces like counters or furniture with a failing HVAC system. However, in certain instances, a sudden increase in such material means the HVAC unit is dirty enough to expel dust and dirt particles into the air. 

Unusual Odors

Foul odors emanating from vents or directly out of HVAC devices often suggests some type of underlying issue. Burning smells might indicate overheating or potentially fire. In such cases, the unit should immediately be turned off and investigated by an AC repair company serving Bucks County immediately. Additionally, if damp or musty odors appear, mildew or mold might have infiltrated the unit. These substances could precipitate health problems in sensitive individuals and should be remediated as soon as possible. 

Water Leaks

A collection of water near water heaters or air conditioning units might indicate leakages. Water often spreads quickly and is capable of eliciting significant property damage. Therefore, the source of any leak should be identified and stopped quickly. 

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