Ways to Save on Your Water Heating Bill

The cost of hot water may be surprising. It often ranks second in energy use in a home. With this in mind, making sure that you are heating your water in the most efficient way can mean great savings on your energy bill. Here are some ideas that can help you to make your water heater more efficient and reduce energy use.


One of the biggest hot water wasters is bathing. Taking a bath is a major no-no if you are concerned about energy costs. Instead, opt for a shower. However, keep showers short. Spending too long in the shower can cost as much as a bath. Complete tasks, like shaving, outside the shower; this helps save money, too.


Another major use of hot water is waste. Leaving the water running while you are doing other tasks, like washing your hands, brushing your teeth or doing dishes, is a waste. Simply shut off the tap when you aren’t actually using the water.


Another major waste of warm water is doing the laundry. Most loads can be done effectively with cold water. Try switching to cold washes to see if this can work for you.


Your water heater can also be tweaked to help reduce energy use. You can lower the temperature a bit. Most people usually don’t need scalding hot water and end up turning up the cold water to even things out, so lowering it by ten degrees won’t really be noticeable. You can also use thermal wraps on the heater to help reduce heat loss.

Making changes to how you use your hot water, along with tweaking your water heater, can really go a long way towards helping you reduce your energy costs. Being more aware of the ways you can save will make it much easier to make the changes without it really being a hassle.

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