Why Won’t My Home Stay Cool?



The long, hot summers are great for splashing around in the water and spending long days at the ball field, but once you get home, you want to relax in a cool environment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go as planned. If you come home to a warm house in the middle of July, you may need air conditioner repair. Consider the following.


The Unit’s Air Filter


When is the last time you replaced your air conditioner’s air filter? If you can’t remember, it may be the problem. As dust builds up on the unit’s filter, it cannot blow cool air as efficiently. The air filter should be changed once per month for optimal efficiency.

Man cooling down in front of blowing fan

The Thermostat Settings


Have you checked the thermostat’s settings? If could be something as simple as someone accidentally bumping it onto the “heat” or “fan” position. It might seem like the fan wouldn’t be a problem, but it runs continuously, even if the air is not cool. Ensure your unit is set to “cool.” If it still does not work, you may have a bad thermostat that requires air conditioner repair.


Clean the Unit


In addition to the filter and the inside of the unit, the outside of your air conditioner must receive routine maintenance, something many people forget about. Remove grass, branches, dirt and leaves and use an A/C coil cleaner and water hose to clean the external shell of the unit. If it still is not running efficiently, call a professional for maintenance. He or she will be able to inspect the entire unit inside and out for any buildup of debris or malfunctioning parts that could be contributing to the problem.


Nobody wants to spend weeks on end feeling stuffy and uncomfortable in their own home. Regular maintenance greatly diminishes problems with your unit, but if you find your A/C still isn’t blowing enough cold air, an air conditioner repair expert should be called before the problem becomes even more serious.


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